Shadowed Realms  

   Come and find out who you really are!

Welcome to Shadowed Realms

Shadowed Realms is an epic role-playing, fantasy, LARP set in the Tri-King Peninsula, located on the world of Irth. Come join the adventure as the small outpost of Epohwen struggles to survive in a time of magic, might and stories of hero’s sung around fires. Monsters lurk around the corner and threaten the outpost from every side. Through it all Epohwen stands strong and attempts to rise from the dirt.

Mysteries and adventure are yours for the taking. Will you help the small outpost make a name for its self? Will you hinder them? Or will you walk another path? 

Whatever path you choose; it is sure to be filled with fun, adventure, joy and sorrow.

Join us in our world, where reality ends, and adventure begins.
This is your story, it all begins here.

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